Spring Fever

Looking back at this webpage, I realize that I have not been blogging as much as I had planned.  We’ll see if we can keep this a little more current going forward.


When we last left this blog, I was settled in my two story garage/apartment workshop with machinery downstairs, finishing room upstairs, and work was picking up…


2011 finished up with some fun projects, including a desk corner piece made from sapele.  It is designed to be transferable to different desks as needed by its owner.  Love those pretty dovetails.


I also got to put my vacuum press back to work – veneering a modern entertainment center.

It’s hard to appreciate how refined this piece came out when you see it in process in the workshop,

but here’s a close up of the veneer.


2012 found KR Woodworking on the move again.  The cramped two story space was costing valuable efficiency as big pieces were carried up and down stairs from machinery to finishing room.  The big, open studio space I had in Marietta was greatly missed.  But luckily some warehouse space not too far from home came available.  It has been nice to have room to move and spread out, as some bigger projects have been coming down the pipe…

This is the frame for a maple and cherry executive desk that is in process.


I was also recently hired to build a king-sized bed side rails and footboard that are going to be joined to a vintage headboard.

This piece is made out of hickory, an enjoyable wood to work with.

Here it is, almost completely put together – ready for sanding.


Other miscellaneous projects…

Fun with floating shelves.


And when there’s extra time and spare wood, I might just bust out a cutting board or two…


So, KR Woodworking is keeping busy and enjoying the diversity of the projects that are coming in.  We’ll work on keeping this blog space more up to date with the fun pieces that are in process.