Fun with Furniture

Somehow June slipped by without an update to the blog…

June brought a return to a focus on furniture.  I had the opportunity to finish a spec piece I started some time ago.  It is a bent laminated figured sweet gum coffee table with glass top and hand cut textured copper feet.

I submitted this piece, as well as a couple others, to the 2012 Florida Craftsmen Annual Members’ Exhibition.  I am excited to announce that all three pieces were accepted to the show which will be held at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, Florida.  The show will be August 6 through October 10, 2012.  Here’s a little more info:

Florida Craftsmen Exhibition “Made in Florida”
2012 Florida Craftsmen Annual Members’ Exhibition at Lighthouse ArtCenter, Tequesta, FL
Opening Reception at 3rd Thursday on August 16, 2012

I am also pleased that Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Petersburg asked to carry my pieces after the Jupiter show.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!!!



May Daze

May was consumed by a large built-in project.  While the construction itself was not complex, the size made it somewhat challenging given that KR Woodworking is largely a one-man shop.  The project consisted of three parts – a 16′ x 10′ entertainment center, 13′ x 10′ office bookcases, and a custom 3′ x 5′ desk.  All pieces were built out of maple and stained and painted to the customer’s specifications.

Following are some pictures of the pieces in process…

After construction, everything was stained or painted in preparation for installation…

The biggest take away from this project is to allow as much lead time as possible.  Especially when working on this scale, all the finishing details take time.  And those are not details to be rushed.  That said, this project came together beautifully.

Springing Forward

Ahhh….  April!  The days are mild (for Florida standards) and the skies are clear.  Spring is starting out beautifully this year.  While other people are smelling the newly sprung flowers, the shop at KR Woodworking is filled with the smells of freshly cut and finished wood.

The hickory bed was finished in late March.  It ended up being stained to match the color of the vintage headboard for which it was made.  Here’s a picture of the finished project (sans the headboard):


Meanwhile the executive desk is still in process.  Curly maple panels have been added to the cherry frame.


I have also been having some fun with making cutting boards of different shapes from different woods.  The one below is cherry.  I flipped it when I joined it to do what is called running a river.  This picture was taken when it was still in the process of being finished with a beeswax, caranuba and citrus oil.


Spring Fever

Looking back at this webpage, I realize that I have not been blogging as much as I had planned.  We’ll see if we can keep this a little more current going forward.


When we last left this blog, I was settled in my two story garage/apartment workshop with machinery downstairs, finishing room upstairs, and work was picking up…


2011 finished up with some fun projects, including a desk corner piece made from sapele.  It is designed to be transferable to different desks as needed by its owner.  Love those pretty dovetails.


I also got to put my vacuum press back to work – veneering a modern entertainment center.

It’s hard to appreciate how refined this piece came out when you see it in process in the workshop,

but here’s a close up of the veneer.


2012 found KR Woodworking on the move again.  The cramped two story space was costing valuable efficiency as big pieces were carried up and down stairs from machinery to finishing room.  The big, open studio space I had in Marietta was greatly missed.  But luckily some warehouse space not too far from home came available.  It has been nice to have room to move and spread out, as some bigger projects have been coming down the pipe…

This is the frame for a maple and cherry executive desk that is in process.


I was also recently hired to build a king-sized bed side rails and footboard that are going to be joined to a vintage headboard.

This piece is made out of hickory, an enjoyable wood to work with.

Here it is, almost completely put together – ready for sanding.


Other miscellaneous projects…

Fun with floating shelves.


And when there’s extra time and spare wood, I might just bust out a cutting board or two…


So, KR Woodworking is keeping busy and enjoying the diversity of the projects that are coming in.  We’ll work on keeping this blog space more up to date with the fun pieces that are in process.

Recent Worky Work

Its been a busy bit of time for me lately with tons of new projects and shop set up.

The upper bench and finishing room has come along very nicely if i do say so myself.

I did some replacement door and drawer fronts for a client as well recently.  He had been having issues with the finish delaminating over the years, so I remade all new doors and color matched pretty closely.  I like to consider this type of work the bread and butter of my life.  It keeps skills sharp, forces you to have set parameters, and remember that not every piece you make has to be the next Mona Lisa.

during the glue up and clamping

Installed, they look like they belong

You can never have enough clamps

Hello Tampa

After spending over eleven and a half years in Atlanta where I started my custom furniture business, my wife and I have returned home to Tampa, Florida.  We are ecstatic to be home, and I look forward to developing my business here with new clients and friends.

I will use this space to write about my projects, and I will be posting pictures and videos of works in progress.

Please check back often and feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment if you have any questions about a project I’m working on, or woodworking in general.